Electronic Rewards / Loyalty Card for Pool Services

WaveToGet is an exclusive, proven program for new customer acquisition and retention in the pool services industry.

It is designed to increase your revenues and reduce your advertising costs. The program is built around two main elements: reducing the cost of new client acquisition and increasing the average client value.

Market research shows that if the client receives added value above and beyond the standard products and services they habitually use, they can be expected to stay loyal to that business long-term. Simply put, when your client leaves with more than they paid for, they feel good about coming back to you! This added value is exactly what WaveToGet allows your business to pass on to your client.

WaveToGet is your custom branded card which combines world-leading recognized marketing strategies including a gift card, loyalty card, membership card, and discount card all in one.


Our solution supports your brand. Each WaveToGet card is custom-designed according to your unique business brand, creating exclusivity with no cross-advertising.

The WaveToGet program comes standard with a state-of-the-art easy-to-use software.

The cards are programmed exclusively for your business facility. This may allow your customers to redeem their virtual dollars, collect loyalty points, and share their membership information for more rewards, exclusively with your business.

Learn how WaveToGet can be custom-tailored to your business by calling or submitting your request.

Gift Cards are treated like cash, who would refuse one?

Imagine loading your very own card with $20, $50 or $100 dollars of virtual currency and asking customers to visit your location to redeem it. Each card will be redeemed with a purchase, or passed with care to family and friends loaded with exclusive offers for customers to collect.

No actual dollars are spent until a cardholder walks in to redeem it! Then the card is simply scanned to redeem the virtual dollars and loaded with points until their next purchase.

Customers will keep the card for extra savings and become instantly loyal to your business.