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WaveToGet is a customer acquisition and retention program designed for your business.
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What is WaveToGet

WaveToGet is all-in-one app designed and customized for your business. This versatile tool is made to work for any sized business; large, medium, and small. WaveToGet will boost your sales, increase clientele, and improve your business. The software implements high security standards and is simple to use.

WaveToGet is a tool created to let your brand establish long-term relationships with your audience, attract new customers, and raise the loyalty of existing ones. WaveToGet gives you the flexibility and freedom of implementing personalized functions your business needs into one application. WaveToGet is ready to give you a hand and show your customers your competitive advantage.

Why WaveToGet

Loyalty, rewards, and membership programs were proven to broaden permanent clientele list and increase sales. What sets WaveToGet apart is the personalization aspect. We deeply believe that every business is unique and deserves to be treated based on specific requirements. That is why we customize all the functions according to your clients needs, wants, and business goals. Choose the program specs that best suit your business. Our professionals are always ready to help you at every step.

Promotions with incentives

WaveToGet creates a way to treat your most loyal customers exactly how they deserve to be treated. The system is rewarding regular customers for their commitment to your brand by giving customers the opportunity to receive discounts, bonuses, cash back, special recognition, discounts, VIP membership, and more. WaveToGet’s system is simple for customers to use and easy for merchants to set up. Why not to try the approach for your business?


Your branding impacts your customers perception. A recognizable and beloved brand is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. We ensure that the system you choose will be best suited for your business and brand. Everything from cards to SMS messages will be customized in the way that best reflects your brand’s ideology and purpose. A complex loyalty and rewards card is the best option you can go with.

Choosing Your System

Our consultants will be happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable set of options based on your business’s goals. If you already offer membership options within your business, there is always room for improvement. You can simplify your options by incorporating all of the functions you offer into the WaveToGet program. Let us help you create a new way of marketing your business and lead you to growth and success.

Social Media Solutions

The goal of any program is to generate interest in your business’s products and services, retain customers, and encourage repeat purchases. But the interest of a client is also expressed in the time a client keeps your business on their mind. That is why we offer another way you can reward your customers just for interacting with your business. Perks are codes that are generated to treat the most loyal and active customers. The WaveToGet App automatically gets consumers involved in the perks collection making them constantly active on your website and social media accounts. Perks can be collected at your business’s location, in emails, with birthday or holiday greetings, blogs, website, on social media platforms or you can even give them out in person such as during experiential marketing campaigns. Each perk code can only be collected once per person. Perks help promote activity and persuade extra interest which allows your business to be the favourable choice. The perks finding process is also a great interactive way to connect with your customers.

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