About Program

WaveToGet is a customer acquisition and retention program designed for your business. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation. We've got you covered. The software implements high security standards and is easy to use. This marketing tool is ready to help fulfill your goals!

In a recent National Retail Federation survey 63% of shoppers said they would like to receive a gift card, making gift cards the most requested gift item 10 years in a row.

63% want to receive a gift card

Last year, 77% of gift card recipients would make a return trip to the store.

77% of gift card recipients would make a return trip to the store










Why WaveToGet

Loyalty programs are very popular nowadays among businesses. But WaveToGet is more than just a personalized loyalty program because of all the customizable functions available to every business. Your business is unique, therefore your personal loyalty program should be unique. WaveToGet allows you to customize anything and everything you want from your card's design to the specific functions needed to reach your business goals.

What is WaveToGet

WaveToGet is the ultimate versatile marketing tool specifically tailored to your business. You can incorporate a gift, loyalty, rewards, member, club, discount, or points card, and more. You can implement all the functions or just a few! WaveToGet allows you to choose the customer acquisition and retention program best suited to your business’s needs and wants.

Promotions with incentives

WaveToGet allows you to set up your program exactly how you want. Choosing promotions that are incentive based allows you to incorporate any reward you want: cash back, special recognition, discounts, vip member, and more. WaveToGet's system is simple for anyone to use and easy for merchants to set up.


We ensure that whatever system you choose, whatever works best for your business will reflect your brand. Everything from cards to SMS messages will have your brand customized in any way which suits you.

Choosing Your System

Our consultants can assist you in choosing the most suitable system based on your business goals. If you already offer membership options in your business, the VIP & membership option will be great for you. But what if you offer more than just that? Simple, you can incorporate those functions too. Gift card sales, points program, rewards program, punch-in / punch-out time sheet program for your employees and much more is available at your fingertips with the WaveToGet program. With WaveToGet you can have it all.