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8 ways to encourage customers to come back

The same customers who give your company life and your business a sense of purpose and fulfilling work also provide you with its lifeblood.

A company can survive one or two bad reviews, but they will take their money elsewhere if too many customers are dissatisfied. That's why it's critical to have an organized system for tracking customer feedback—and taking action to improve the customer experience. Consider these eight ways to encourage customers to come back.

1. Track It and Act On It

You can use Google Analytics to track your company's customer retention, including the positive and negative elements of your customers' experiences.

You can also create a new form in your web properties (such as a return-promotion page) and offer a refund, replacement product or credit, in exchange for feedback. How you handle that response will determine the satisfaction rate with their experience with your business.

2. Find Out What Matters to Them

If your customers are unsatisfied, ask them what they expected—or wanted—that you could have done better. If your customers are satisfied, connect the dots and see what experience elements contributed to their happiness.

3. Ask for Referrals

Don't stop at asking for feedback. Connect with your customers offline or via social media and ask them to share good experiences with family, friends, and colleagues.

4. Reward Them for Their Feedback

Give your customers something useful to them—like a gift card or WaveToGet loyalty and rewards program—for their honest feedback. By having WaveToGet loyalty and rewards program, your customers will then be encouraged to have that same attitude in other interactions with your company, instead of feeling as if they're being nagged or scolded.

5. Show Appreciation

Examine how you show appreciation to your customers. The three most common signs of gratitude are a thank-you note, WaveToGet loyalty, and rewards program and being remembered (especially if you give them something that they asked for in the first place). When you remember the customer, double-check that there is the completion of the transaction and reflect on the experience.

6. Listen to Them

Pay attention to what your customers want or need, and then provide it. If you're unsure about how to do that, ask for their feedback.

7. Pay Attention to The Details

For many customers, the little touches—like paying attention to their name or having a friendly demeanor—count just as much as the big ones. Your day-to-day interactions with your customers can turn a so-so experience into something special.

8. Remember That It's a Two-Way Street

As customers experience your company, they will also be forming their impressions of you. Good customer experiences are a two-way street—you can't have one without the other. Customers treated as people, not just dollar signs, are more loyal over time.

Achieving a positive customer experience is vital to staying competitive. But one-time customers can easily become lifetime customers if you address the root causes of their dissatisfaction (or lack of satisfaction). Your business is always changing, and so are your customers' expectations and needs. Keep that in mind when you're trying to become more effective in keeping them satisfied.

In every interaction, take an interest in your customers. Be willing to ask what you can do better to ensure that they leave satisfied and come back again. To learn more about the WaveToGet loyalty and rewards program contact us today!

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