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Introducing Your Personalized Loyalty Program!

You may curious as to how to start your own personal loyalty program for your business. However, before we look at that, lets look at why many businesses don't want to take that crucial step.

  • Belief in its value – Since most companies have not done the proper research, they do not understand how profitable a quality loyalty program truly is. Additionally, they lack the knowledge of the proper marketing methods to get optimal results.
  • Cost – If you calculate setup, installation, maintenance, and other various services, the cost can exceed 5,000 annually. Also, many programs charge a flat monthly fee that is very costly for small businesses.
  • Complexity – Many of the older millennial generations as well as the Baby Boomers are not as "tech savvy" as the younger generations. If the loyalty program is not designed with a user-friendly interface, it can exclude these "old school" generations even when they have the funds to participate.

Time to analyze these obstacles and talk about the options that can make a loyalty program work for your business.

  • Statistics and expertise – The facts show that a properly implemented loyalty program can reduce marketing costs by up to 82%, increasing customer loyalty by an incredible 215%, this results in a whopping 530% return on investment! This proves the value of a good loyalty program. Additionally, Professionally trained marketing consultants can study your business model, determining the most effective marketing methods that will achieve incredible results. The WaveToGet team is trained to find the marketing methods that are the perfect fit for your business, and will train you in their implementation.
  • Operating within a budget – Flexibility is the key. A business should not be locked into one payment option. If you can't pay for the whole program up front, you should have an installment option. At WaveToGet we custom create our plans to fit any and all budgets! We do this while still offering you a guaranteed return on your investment!
  • Simplicity – Your program should be easy to use at every level. The business owners are not the only user, employees need a simple interface as well. So the right program should be something that is easy to teach. The program should have built in tutorials which explain the specific use of the functionalities which will result in reaching the desired business goals. Moreover, the plan should be supported by IT developers who are trained in customer service skills. These developers should be able to explain every function of the program. Last, your loyalty program should be compatible with every known device. Such as: PCs, laptops, iPads, Tablets, and smart phones. Again, WaveToGet has you covered.

So contact us today. We can teach you how your business can get into this game. We will not only meet your expectations we will exceed them, on every level. We even guarantee it!

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