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Is it Important for Business to Have Social Media? 

The business landscape has changed over the past decade, and social media now plays a critical role in client acquisition. For companies of all sizes and industries, social media is becoming an increasingly important tool. But some businesses lend themselves better to social media formats – design studios triumph on Instagram, and booksellers thrive on Twitter. What about trade-specific companies, like HVAC installation and moving services? For many in these industries, a WaveToGet loyalty and rewards program can help you boost your social media activity. 

Increasing Sales Volume

Social media is among the most effective means of growing sales volume. Close to 90% of marketers and business owners say that social media tools have increased company exposure. Additionally, customers report spending nearly 40% more money on brands that have established positive relationships with them on social media. These tools can help bring a service to a new audience. For example, a moving company may create a high-speed Instagram Reel to show how quickly their team can move big furniture items. An HVAC installation or cleaning business might find success with an “Oddly Satisfying” TikTok video. The opportunities for creativity and customer exposure are endless.  

Share a Loyalty and Rewards Program

Part of building a social media following includes providing insider deals and information. Social channels are an excellent means of sharing a loyalty and rewards program, like what you might set up with WaveToGet. Sharing perk codes through social media, which can then be redeemed in the WaveToGet app, is a great way to establish trust and build a strong customer base.

Grow a Community

Social media tools are about more than increasing sales. They can also help a business establish itself, and its services, in a community. Sharing positive content can generate goodwill around the brand and within service areas. If your moving business provides free moving services to folks who have experienced evictions, consider sharing that story. If your HVAC business recently helped a nearby public school improve air ventilation, that content can go a long way with potential clients. 

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